Day 285: living a happy sober life


I used to look forward to wine. I called it looking forward to dinner out, looking forward to a party, looking forward to holidays. But really I was looking forward to having an excuse to drink. And then once I was at the event, I’d be looking forward to going home so that I could continue drinking in a more peaceful setting.

Now I’m finding new, real, things to look forward to:

-I’ve been gathering fabric for and planning a rug weaving project. (I almost don’t want to do it I’m enjoying the planning so much.)

-I have concert tickets for Ed Sheeran in two weeks, tickets I bought way back in my first week of sobriety (and vaguely imagined going to sober).

-I’ve quietly taken on a project at work that will free up time for others who are more busy right now.

-I have a short mental list of cupboards to organize at home, and some filing plans for my office at work. Thinking about organizing brings me almost as much happiness as the organization itself. ☺️

-I’m looking forward to the last fall weekend up north with crunchy leaves and cuddling by the wood stove.


What are you looking forward to?

Happy Sober Sunday,


2 thoughts on “Day 285: living a happy sober life

  1. Running better than I’ve ever run before! I’m loving it. And some paintings I have on the go right now, love being creative. Also finishing work in 5 months to finish my Bachelor in Applied Arts. Oh and summer which is nearly here, my hubby coming home from his 5 weeks away, going fishing with the family, a Halloween party that we are hosting and that i will be sober for. That’s about it for now 🙂 happy day everyone! It’s so freeing to not look forward to the wine! And trying to manage your intake etc etc 👏🏽🤜🏼🤛🏻🤗✨


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