Day 324: if you never did you should


Today there was…

1. sunshine.

2. a fun hour in a craft store.

3. a completed to-do list.

4. a clean house (with zero effort on my part).

5. a good time spent on the treadmill.

I think this treadmill thing might really work out by the way. I love the solitude, lack of weather, and the fact that I can see exactly what’s happening (speed, incline, time etc.). We keep it in a room with south-facing windows, so there’s often sun coming in. It has a shelf for all my stuff like water and phone. And there’s a fan! Trying new things sometimes pays off. ☺️

Happy sober Thursday,



4 thoughts on “Day 324: if you never did you should

  1. I have a rebounder (mini trampoline), a stationary bike, and a hula hoop (adult size). I love that when the weather isn’t ideal or I don’t feel like dogding people and dogs on a walk or hike I can strap on my headphones and do the exercise in fun ways inside in front of a nice window with trees outside it.
    Sometimes I even dance around on my rebounder! 🙂 Like you the other day on your treadmill.
    Happy Thursday!

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