Day 323: move on from the suckyness


Today I appreciated…

1. cozy boot socks and a warm sweater.

2. the help of a teenager.

3. the help of a husband.

4. a tasty dinner with lively family chatter.

5. a doughnut for dessert.


Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The interesting thing is I could easily rewrite the list above with only things (people actually) that made me upset today, angry even. You’d read that list and think it was a horseshit sort of a day, and I’d think the same thing for having written it.

Instead, I hunt around for the good parts and pull them together to create a picture that ends up looking pretty nice.  And then I feel like it was indeed actually quite nice after all. And then I have an easier time really letting go of the crappy parts.

So. Any  given day can be a decent or even great day if you’re willing to move on from the suckyness and focus on the moments of genuine goodness. And in turn, focusing on the good stuff helps in letting go of the rest. What’s the opposite of a vicious cycle? Yeah, it’s that. ☺️

Happy sober Wednesday,


One thought on “Day 323: move on from the suckyness

  1. Thank you!!
    Perfect timing for this message as I have a lot of turmoil going on in my life right now. Need to let it go. Need to focus on the good things that are happening – you are so right!
    Day 34 here and plugging along.
    Hugs A

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