Day 27: Joy

One of my most important goals in sobriety is to figure out how to be joyful despite the lack of wine in my life. I believe happiness is about perspective and what aspects of life we choose to focus on.

So.  I had a bit of a hellacious day today – snowstorm – terrible traffic – an hour drive to work only to be sent home two hours later – then an hour in the parking lot alone – (dismiss 2000 students at once and that’s what you get) – continued exhaustion from the flu – blah blah blah


When I finally made it home, I took a nap.

And I woke to this:


Can you see the tiny figure of my husband shoveling his heart out? Can you feel how nice it is to be inside?

And this:



Wow! My puppies won’t be going in the back yard for a while.

The power of Mother Nature. I think it’s gorgeous. I love snow.

Snow brings me joy, no wine required.

Jenwithoutwine (but with snow ❄️)



One thought on “Day 27: Joy

  1. Have you read any novels by Louise Penny? She often uses the phrase, “surprised by joy.” Sounds like your snow experience. So nice to appreciate quiet pleasures without wine.:)

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