Day 68: Blog Plans Emerging

A couple of days ago I wrote about contemplating my post-100-day plans, for my sobriety goals and for my commitment to blogging.

One of my concerns regarding the blog has to do with writing on days when I don’t have much to say or much energy for writing. I always feel badly when I publish a post with little to no content. I’ve been doing it anyway because of my commitment to daily posts as part of my sobriety support plan, but these “lame” posts always seem to conjure images of people being disappointed and wondering why this chick is cluttering up the internet. Inner critic having a field day I guess. Then Anne very helpfully suggested that people like to hear about a regular day, that it’s beneficial in that we get to see how similar we all are and that we’re all ok. (I think that’s the gist anyway- Anne can correct me!)

So this got me to thinking of what it might look like, writing about a regular day. I certainly don’t want to bore people with the repetitiveness of my daily life, and there wouldn’t be much benefit in that for me either. But! I think there would be benefit in pulling out a few items from each day, things I want to focus on. My plan at this point (and I’m sure it will evolve) is to include daily gratitude and daily concern. Specifically, three things from the last 24 hours that I’m grateful for and one thing that I’m concerned about. This will provide a glimpse into my everyday life, an interesting record for me, and a chance for some simple introspection. I’m actually really excited about it, so that’s probably a good sign!

The second thing I’ve been contemplating with regard to the blog is its name. How can I continue to write past 100 days when the name itself says “100 days”?! Well, Ginger suggested dropping the 100 and going with “Days Without Wine”. Huh. Why didn’t I think of that? It’s so simple, it’s perfect! The more I think about it, the more I love it. It feels very organic.

So there we go. Two problems resolved. I haven’t yet decided what my exact sobriety commitment will be past the 100 day goal, but I’m leaning toward a year. As I write these words, The Voice opens one eye sleepily, rolls over and continues to breathe peacefully. So far so good. I think I’ll repeat this idea out loud to a couple of people sometime soon and see what happens. Stay tuned for that. It should be interesting.

24 hour Gratitude:

1. lots of productive time by myself

2. a lovely phone conversation with “the boys” to hear about an overtime basketball win

3. coming up with exciting plans for the blog

One concern:

mysterious stomach pains for poor daughter

Happy Sober Sunday,


9 thoughts on “Day 68: Blog Plans Emerging

  1. I think you have a great plan. Sometimes I wonder, why am I blogging unless I have something “new” to say. But the thing is, while there are some common themes and experiences to going alcohol free, we each have our own journey and our own voice!

    I belong to a number of lists for fitness as well as alcohol free living.

    For me, it gets very tedious when posters focus almost entirely on the ups and downs of day to day living, illnesses, household problems, basement flooding, pet illnesses, etc. I have enough of a challenge keeping up with all that with my IRL (in real life) friends. A word here or there is fine, of course…but that is just me! Sometimes, I think it truly is just me!

    My blog does veer from the topic of alcohol-free living because frankly, at day 120 (!), I don’t find myself thinking all that much about alcohol. I am choosing to write in addition about other, important related areas of my life, such as my spirituality and my effort to live with intentionality. Being alcohol-free opens up many windows, I find…

    I was thinking of quitting my blog because I didn’t have anything new to say until, suddenly, I drank alcohol last night!!!!! **You can read about it on my blog**



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    1. Ack! I went straight to your blog to see what happened! My heart was pounding while I read the story and I can understand your rage. I agree with you about letting it go though too.


    2. I think it important to reinforce the truth that many of the things we are accomplishing are directly related to not drinking.
      That’s what I tend to write about.

      It’s a good reminder that my drinking days were just not that productive or positive.

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  2. Just tried to go to Mere’s site and it warns it might be a phishing site?? Clicked anyway and then it linked onto my blog. Not sure what just happened.


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