Day 84: Twelve Weeks


The good in this day came from…

1. a random rush of happiness during an otherwise boring meeting. Is it possible that life really is more joyful just from being sober?

2. an attempt at Yoga that felt slightly more successful than last week. My 4th attempt and I’m actually quite pleased with myself that I have stuck with it even this much.

3. watching the smallest of our two small dogs scamper full speed like a bunny. She looks bright eyed and wild with energy when she does this.

I hope you found some good in your day too.



7 thoughts on “Day 84: Twelve Weeks

  1. We need more kindness,
    more compassion,
    more joy,
    more laughter.
    I definitely want to contribute to that.
    ~Ellen DeGeneres

    Glad you found some joy in your day, Jen. Congratulations on 12 weeks!

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