Day 321: a sober hangover

37E94CE0-68E3-4C1F-BAE2-C3975D66DDCBToday was a low-mood day for some reason. Maybe a “hangover” from last night’s outing. I told my husband, the conversation at my end of the table swung from how much “we” love red wine to how lovely and important it is to have alone time with one’s mom. And there I sat, pissed that I couldn’t have any of the wine and yeah, by the way, dreading my own mom’s upcoming Thanksgiving visit. 😫 The only silver lining, I guess, is that my dear friend who knows I’m not drinking apparently has no qualms about drinking wine in front of me or going on and on about it either. 🙄 I guess I make this sober by choice thing look easy.

Anyway, it seems like a good time to get back on the gratitude train.

So, after looking around long enough and hard enough, I found a few rays of happiness shining through on this grey cloud of a day.

1. a made bed and a tiny bit of sunshine

2. a relaxing bath

3. one cheerful child who is thankfully quite forgiving of his mom’s edginess

4. Harry Potter

5. hope that tomorrow will be as figuratively sunny in my head as is literally predicted outside

Happy sober Monday,


6 thoughts on “Day 321: a sober hangover

  1. I think you’re amazing. I honestly really do. I know times get tough with this ride personal experience reminds me but you are finding the way through it and I think you are just fab and human and I don’t know your friend so i definitely don’t want to be rude but is it possible she might be envious? Or also just not where you are, enlightened, but present. Wonderful lady you are!!


    1. Hah! You are too kind. My friend is blissfully oblivious. And I think she is quite addicted herself. No one at the table said a word about my drink choices, besides commenting on my beautiful chai latte (that I oddly chose before the meal – because I was cold). And I was glad no one commented or made a fuss or seemed to even notice. None of that would have helped and would only have added to my feelings of being on the outside looking in.
      Happy day to you! 🌸


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