Sober Romance

I think today is Day 383.

The husband and I just returned from a weekend away to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We were “way up north” (unless you live in Ontario in which case we were “a bit down south.”) ☺️

This sort of alone time is hard to come by these days so it was a special treat for us. And along with the specialness naturally came some self-imposed pressure. After all, a 20th anniversary should be amazing and romantic and exciting and…  awesome. Shouldn’t it?

But to go away together and not drink wine? No wine with dinner? No wine in the hot tub? No wine by the fire?


And it was fine. No, it was actually fantastic. I missed the wine the first evening at the start of dinner but not at all after that.

We relaxed, enjoyed each other’s company, and had fun. We still had the “good talks” I had thought required wine. And we had some of the other good stuff too. 😉

You’ll notice we weren’t completely alone (one tiny doggie was invited). And we went dogsledding too, something neither of us had ever done before. Super fun.

If you are worried that sobriety will take the fun out of alone time, don’t be. I think the key is to be patient about it, see how things go, and try not to have too many expectations.

I’m already planning our next getaway.

Happy sober day,


p.s. look what I found in the gift shop! It’s little turtle!






8 thoughts on “Sober Romance

  1. Amazing! And Happy Anniversary!

    I am coming up to one year sober and it’s hands down the best decision I ever made. A year ago we had already booked the following: a weekend in Paris, a few days in Gothenburg which included a Foo Fighters concert, and a summer holiday in Italy – it all seemed impossible to me to enjoy those without the drink and initially I’d sort of decided to give myself a hall pass to drink during all three. But I didn’t. And it was all glorious! Booze never gave me anything positive, it only took from me. If only I’d known it only ever prevented trips I took from being as great as they would have been if I’d been sober!!! I was worried before each of those, but sober it was MAGICAL to: 1) stroll through Paris with my hubby, 2) jump up and down and sing until I lost my voice to the Foos, and 3) eating amazing food and enjoying the incredible island of Lipari….. NEVER AGAIN do I want to reduce trips by drinking!

    I guess what I wanted to say was I am chiming in with you and agreeing that trips away are SO MUCH BETTER without booze!! And perhaps another Anna, me of some years ago, will read this and be reassured that kicking alcohol is worth it a thousand times over.

    Beautiful photos, by the way! Remind me of my native Sweden! And I love the turtle necklace, very cute!

    Anna xx

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